Why Crossvine?

Why Crossvine?

It's a fitting analogy for how we see what we do.

In addition to being flora native to the southern United States, Crossvine embodies the power of the vine itself.

Here's why:

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Vines are non-linear. They use an organic, sophisticated, flexible system that leverages the environment to maximize opportunities for growth. They don't have just one option for success; they have many.

They’re resourceful and resilient. There isn’t just one point of strength on a vine; there are many, making it virtually indestructible. They grow practically anywhere and will adapt to any situation.

They thrive when cultivated. If left unchecked, a vine will grow wildly and abundantly; part of the work is in tending to it with purpose and intention. You don’t plant it and forget it, but draw on its propensity for growth so that it grows the way you want.

They adapt—and diversify. Vines don’t bet on a single leaf or stem; each stem represents another growth strategy or decision, so they’re not susceptible when one area of growth suffers.

This is how we approach our financial planning work, too—we draw on tax efficient strategies, investments, retirement and estate planning, asset allocation, social security planning, and more to create a diverse and resilient structure that looks like no one else’s.

We would love nothing more than to help you flourish, too.

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What does thriving look like to you?

Let's find out how you can cultivate what you have, adapt to what's happening, and feel great about what's next.

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